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Introducing Peace Training | Dillon

A comprehensive healing system that addresses mind, body, and spirit making any goal achievable


Peace Training | Philosophy

Protect your energy flow, get into coherence, master the basics

Every time I hear or see something, my brain sends chemicals through my body to respond to that stimulus in the best way it knows how, based on my previous experiences.


By this logic, I am living in the past and can predict my future. If my movement is rigid and repetitive, my energy flow stagnant, or my mood trapped in a low-vibrating cycle, training becomes an opportunity to provide my mind, and thus my body, with a more efficient and versatile set of options for the next encounter with that stimulus as a means to improve my life at the very foundation.

“Expression is the opposite of depression,” said James Nestor.


Health is living a full life free of limitations, with coherence between mind and body. This philosophy makes any goal attainable. That’s what I believe, and it has tremendously helped me.


The Paradigm Shift

Where science and spirituality meet

Peace Training offers a supportive environment for breaking the neural networks associated with chronic pain and mental stress. We approach training with a focus on understanding energy as the essence of our being, rather than merely something we expend or use externally. This paradigm shift emphasizes natural movement, guided meditation, and cultivating elevated moods to facilitate the body's self-healing qualities and restore true balance. When our musculoskeletal system and energy centers are coherent individually and in harmony with each other, it forms the basis for achieving any goal. Change doesn't happen overnight; it's a lifelong journey. Therefore, through consistency and specificity, we gradually overwhelm the nervous system and unconscious mind, upgrading both your hardware (body) and software (mind). Our program includes feel-good exercises, positive vibes, and a supportive community.

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