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When the work shows up in your life...that's progress

Everyone's program is going to be different and the services and style of training molds to their needs. By shifting into a creative and powerful state, we can restore balance to our bodies and minds.. An approach that factors in all types of stress, skill levels, and meets you where you're at. Useful for general population, athletes, or anyone living with chronic pain and/or experiencing struggles with mental health


Dan H., 40s, business professional

  • Pain Free

  • 40 lb weight loss

  • Increased muscle mass

  • Happier on a day-day basis

  • Marriage is flourishing

  • More mental space to excel at job

"Your training and guidance has really helped me not just rehab my knee and feel better in my skin, but get more in touch with my body, my life and my spirit! Much gratitude and love brother!"

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JR, 30s, artist & business professional

  • Restored flow of energy through parts of legs that had been affected from car crash years previous

  • Restored arches in feet, decompressed ankles and knees, strengthened hips and midline

  • Adaptable and strong spine, low back pain gone

  • Deeper breathing, better sleep

  • Hike rocky terrain pain free with endurance and ease

  • Learned to meditate, recognized the difference between the two states of being

'"I just feel better, my body doesn't hurt all the time now, and understanding what I'm doing helps"

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Tanya S., 40s, teacher, parent & caretaker

  • Received lots of distance Reiki during chemotherapy and radiation

  • Practiced regular movement and breathwork to promote flow of life force, met frequently on Zoom

  • Increased BOLT Score

  • Grew 1 inch while having her height measured at routine doctor's visits

  • Gained and sustained muscle during intense illness, was able to run again, and had sensation return to numb body parts

  • Embraced stillness, new perspective, and the spiritual side of this work and life

    "I tell all my friends, he's like a magician"

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