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The Important of Coherence (Part 1)

Heart coherence refers to the rhythmic organization of heartbeats,

known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which becomes coherent

during positive emotions like bliss, joy, and gratitude, but incoherent

during negative emotions like anger and fear.

A coherent heart rhythm enhances cellular, hormonal, organ, and

muscular function, promoting the parasympathetic nervous system's

healing and restorative processes.

Adhering to ancient energy flow principles through movement-based

exercises, joint mobility routines, and intentional breathing can alleviate pain and restore musculoskeletal coherence.

Over time, integrating resistance training and gradually increasing workload can reprogram the nervous system for optimal function and resilience.

Connective tissue regeneration takes 9-18 months, bone turnover occurs every seven years, and consistent meditation for eight weeks can induce DNA changes; lots of people experience pain relief, symptom reduction, or improvement of quality of life within 1-3 months. Thus, the Coherence Club, how we train at Peace Training, emerges as a holistic

approach to health and well-being.

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